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We are a small team made up of 20 young people.

Because of our love for this industry, we created Tikmtok ❤

We have friends who like to travel and share with you new things from all over the world

We also have partners who like photography, she use unique lenses and images to let you know our products intuitively

We also have 24-hour customer service (well, I lied, customer service is GTM+8 9:30 -- 18:30, we don't have rotating customer service because we can't afford more money, but we have great warehouses and logistics!).

We have partnerships with a lot of logistics companies (yes, because we can't afford a plane)

We have obtained the permission from paypal and international credit card agencies (ok, because there are only a few payment channels, of course, we strictly follow their rules and don't give them any trouble).

We negotiate with supplier about the price of the day and night, rush shipment forwarder, respond to every email attentively

I did it all for you, my dear ❤

We want to provide you with a better shopping experience while making money (the current situation is that we lost nine hundred thousand dollars, it doesn't matter, our investors is rich)